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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

WordPress Vs Blogger - Best WordPress, Shared VPS hosting

WordPress Vs Blogger, Who is Best? there are many selling reviews on the internet, which are reporting flaws in Blogger compared to WordPress, but this is not true. In our review, we will tell you the difference between WordPress and Blogger Hosting. First of all, it is wrong to compare in hosting, if your SEO and content are good, then free and paid hosting does not matter to you. 

Note: Please read about the features of both hosting and then decide for yourself.

In blogger, you can also easily fix data structured error.

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In both Blogger and WordPress, you are the owner of your own website. You can show ads on your website, connect your website to social media. You do not have to pay anything to host your site in Blogger. I have kept my sites both on Blogger and WordPress, and I do not feel any special difference between the two. Apart from this, we have some advantages of hosting our website in Blogger, such as hosting a blogger, there are no boundaries for bandwidth and space. You can upload as many images as you want, and no matter how much traffic comes on your website, you do not have to pay.

In blogger, you can also easily fix data structured error.

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WordPress Vs Blogger

Wordpress: It's easy to use, you can easily start your website in a few minutes. With plugins, you can connect your website to social networking sites. Some plugins are available free of charge, and there are some premiums for which you have to pay the price. It is very easy to run WordPress sites, you will have to pay to run your website. If you have enuff traffic on your website more then you will have to upgrade your hosting plan. Either you have to take VPS hosting. Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost is best and worthy of hosting service, you can take your hosting from it.

If you are starting, you can run your website with shared hosting. You can upgrade your web hosting plan later if needed. 

Blogger, It offers you free web hosting service, and you can run your website on the internet in a  moment. Here you will not need to upgrade your website hosting and you can put whatever data you want on your website. Here also you find the SEO settings for your Blogger website easily. If you are a beginner then Blogger is the best for you. Blogger is easy for you to and you will not have to pay the price for every activity. All the plugins are free here and you can open an AdSense account too early on your website. 

Both are better, in my opinion, Both have their own specialty. You can also give your opinion through the comment.

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